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        Conductivity is a measure of the ability of a given substance to conduct electric

current,  equal to the reciprocal of the resistance of a substance.  This medium is the

most widespread and popular way of measuring the level of liquid in a tank.  Our liquid

level controls can sense a multitude of different liquids.  (e.g. R.O. water,  beer,  acids,

wine,  milk,  cheeses,  cream,  pharmaceutical products,  salt water, etc.).

        Lumenite® conductivity level controls come in various mounting methods,  sizes and relay

configurations and they can be used for sanitary and industrial applications both indoors and

outdoors.  Lumenite® level controls are listed UL-353 (intrinsically safe) as primary safety devices

which are perfect boiler level control or low water cut off and explosive,  volatile environments.


201 Series


Common Uses :

 • single point

  on / off switch

  (high or low fail

  safe, alarm,

  pump cut-off)

 • emptying / filling

  operation (pump

  on at high,  off at

  low or inverse



201, 401, 601 Series Din-Rail & Snap Track


Common Uses :

 • 201 - single relay operation for single

  on / off switch or filling / emptying


 • 401 - two relays for 2 single on / off

  operations or

  1 filling / emptying operation with 1 on / off

  operation or

  2 filling / emptying operations in the same

  or separate tanks

601 - three relays for 3 single on / off

  operations or

  1 filling / emptying operation with two

  additional single on / off switches or

  3 filling / emptying operations in the

  same or separate tanks


The Industrialeveline™

series can be customized to your

particular application

making it a stand

alone solution for any

level control



Level Controls

Octal Socket


Snap Track

Stand Alone

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